Think Cool

It's SO hot!!! Someone told me that yesterday Kuwait was the hottest place on the earth, reaching 122 degrees. At midnight, it was still 113 degrees. 110 is about as low as it gets now. It IS a dry heat, and I know everyone told me it would be but I didn't believe you :). The heat is somewhat bearable for a couple of minutes as long as you're not exerting energy and not in the direct sunlight. Any longer than that though and you're drenched.
You know when you're cooking and you open the oven to check on your food and that waft of hot air hits your face? That's Kuwait in a nutshell.
I've started teaching swim lessons on the side here. Its fun to be teaching again and it definitely challenges me in a different way. Luckily the pool is cooled and covered, otherwise it would be unbearable. We spend our days moving from one air conditioned space to another. By August I think we will have melted!

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