The sky was a little dusty out when I took these, that's why some of the pictures look a little hazy. The tile and the intricate pattern on this building are some of the prettiest I've seen so far. I would love to have something with the laced star pattern, seen in the window screens, to take home with us when we leave. It's a popular pattern, I've seen it in lots of other places.


  1. is this a mosque, Whitney? you are right - it's very pretty/unique -- when is "fall" there and what kind of temps can you hope for then?

  2. Yes it is. We probably wont see fall temperatures until around October (I'm guessing). When we got here in February it was in the 70's or so, I think. It feels cooler though than I remember 70 feeling. I remember wearing light jackets anyways. We're going to miss all the changing leaves this year :(