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I finally have started re-potting some of the plants we bought a couple of months ago, getting them out of the black plastic containers they came in! Before I started I had to make a trip to the plant souk for potting soil.
Here are some pictures of the plant souk. Its a long strip of plant shops. Most have similiar things, but not all have them at the same prices. I'm still searching for a big pot for the gardenia bush/tree that we bought. One store was going to sell me a big plastic one that looks like a plain terra cotta pot for 44KD (multiply that by 3.5 for US Dollars). Another store was going to sell me the same pot for 4KD. Ridiculous.
I'm not very good with plants. I'm desperately trying though to keep ours from wilting! I still have not re-potted the gardenia, but I did re-pot our jasmine tree yesterday and made a mess! I severed half of the roots in the process as well. So far the tree seems to be doing ok, but I'm hoping it doesn't go into shock soon!
I found two more cool little plants that we just had to have while at the plant souk. Pictures of them to come....

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