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Rendering of the larger twisting tower

The larger twisting tower under construction
Smaller twisting tower
One of the floors of the smaller twisting tower, you can see how low the ceilings are here
View from the smaller twisting tower
So, working in architecture and design in Kuwait has given me some real insight on the Arabian gulf architecture. From the states, we see these unbelievable structures being both built and proposed in places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Kuwait is more understated (or just behind) than those areas, but still the mentality of wanting to build the best of the best to show their wealth is prevalent.
Working here though, I've learned that most of the "cool" stuff that's being built is done by firms that are not from this part of the world, but instead from places like London, Canada, the US, Italy, etc.
Right now Kuwait has two twisting towers that are in construction. The smaller one is almost finished and is in the process of finding tenants. The larger still has quite a ways to go. When you look at the skyline, they look really neat. Both, I believe, are being done by non-Kuwaiti firms.
A lot of the design and architecture that is done by local firms in Kuwait seems to be copies of what the client has seen other places in the world and thought looked cool, without any rhyme, reason, or thought to whether or not it works. Details go unlooked and you end up with an end product that is almost a success.... but not quite.
I realize that this is a huge generalization, and I am aware that there's probably plenty of exceptions to this rule.... but it's what I have observed.
I had the chance to see some photos of the inside of the smaller twisting tower that I mentioned earlier. It is being designed by a firm out of Canada. From an outsider's perspective, it seems that somewhere along the way there was a miscommunication or error. The structural beams for each floor seem huge. I'm told they're a meter thick. This makes the max ceiling height on any floor around only 8' tall. So there's this huge beautiful building, but none of its tenants (except for maybe the ground and top floor) will be able to have a ceiling higher than 8' throughout. Just like I said... almost a success, but just not quite.

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  1. they are very unique tho - impressive.....