Last Weekend's Dust Storm

This weekend looks like it'll be another dusty one. Here are some pictures from last week's dust storm. None have been as crazy as the storm I posted about a couple of weeks ago, but we've had some sort of storm almost every weekend since we got here in February!
Its getting hotter too, so really we spend hardly anytime outside. Its been around 105 degrees this week! It honestly isn't that bad yet. The weather is definitely similiar to Texas, but less humid. We'll see what tune I'm singing a month from now though!
I've been stocking up on summer clothes. I just bought a pair of linen pants and I love them. Victoria Secret has some really inexpensive ones if anyone is looking! *Click Here* I bought the 32" inseam ones and I have to wear them with wedges or they'd be too long. Just FYI :)

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