Going Green

Another weekend has come and gone. We've been fairly busy lately, but haven't done anything too exciting. We hung out with friends on Friday night and stayed up too late, so Saturday we weren't very productive - and by not productive I mean we hibernated in the house for most of the day :)
Sunday though we made up for Saturday's laziness. We visited the plant shops by the Friday market. It's a whole strip about half a mile long of just plant shops with indoor and outdoor parts. You can just meander from shop to shop. We almost took home a cat in one of the shops after Jason jokingly asked how much the cat was. He jokes with the locals and they don't understand him, but I think that's half the fun for him - seeing their confused reactions. ;) Boys... The guy walked over to one of the stray cats wandering the shop and scooped him up and tried to have us take him home with us. I resisted though, don't worry.
I didn't get any pictures of the shops because the workers follow you around the whole time, which is a little uncomfortable. The line "I'm just browsing" (a.k.a. leave me alone) doesn't translate here.
We came home with a Gardenia bush, an Egyptian Jasmine tree, and some curly bamboo. The Egyptian Jasmine tree has little white flowers on it that to me smell like honeysuckle (my favorite!), so I love it. I'm excited to watch them bloom. Their green is a nice touch to our home. Now I just have to read up to make sure I don't kill them. More pictures to come of the plants! Next step is to find nice (but inexpensive) pots to put them in. I'm going to try Ikea and the Friday Market first.

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  1. You know I love Gardenia's! Enjoy the blooms. Your Lemon Tree is full of new leaves! I'll send you some pictures.