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Kuwaiti summer home
Crucifix shell

I've mentioned the beaches in one of my first posts. I still haven't walked on one, but we found one that might not be so bad :) The beaches, like I said, aren't manicured (for the most part). The water is dirty because... Get ready to cringe! Kuwait dumps most (if not all...don't quote me, but that's what I've been told and can smell sometimes) of its garbage into the gulf. Which doesn't do much for their already low beach traffic.

However, we visited a friends house who live south of where we do and south of the garbage dumping. According to them, the garbage travels clockwise in the gulf so their beach is actually pretty good for shelling. I LOVE looking for shells, so I'm interested to check it out. We drove by briefly and I was able to snap these pictures.
Apparently there's this fish that when it decays, what's left of it looks like the crucifix. Our friends that live down there have found one. I googled it and it looks pretty freaky. I'll definitely post it if we find one. I didn't take the picture above of the shell, its from google images.

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