We're here!

The time difference is still kicking our butts, but we got out of the hotel yesterday and were able to explore a little. A colleague of Jason's drove us around to see the city and where we'll be living. I was trying to take pictures out of the car window, but I'm sure you know how that goes... most are blurry. When we get a little more settled in and begin exploring ourselves (and driving ourselves), I'll be able to do more picture taking. Its impolite to take people's pictures here and it draws attention to you when you walk around with a camera stuck to your face, so I'll have to be sly about it.
We're in the hotel for another week. The food in the hotel so far is really good. There are several restaurants including, Italian, Lebanese, and Japanese, but we've only been to the Japanese restaurant so far. The sushi was great and we were really impressed. I think we made it out of there without doing anything socially uncacceptable, at least I think so :) Did you know that it's improper to use your left hand when eating? I'll let you research to discover why, if you're interested.
Anyways, more pictures to come.

Light fixtures from the Japanese restaurant

The spa area of the hotel. I love the flowers in the water and the lanterns!

The boardwalk downtown.

View from a rooftop. You can see a mosque peaking up through the trees. Look for the minaret.

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  1. I've heard about the left hand thing. I know why and not sure I'm glad that I do. Ick. Great pictures though!