To Market...

Table Runner vendor & the one we bought

We visited the Friday Market yesterday. It was a sight to be seen, there was so much to take in as we wandered through. Its huge, first of all, with entire sections dedicated to things like rugs, furniture, used clothes, antiques, flea market-ish areas, ect.
We made this trip our "scouting trip". We'll have to go back a couple more times before it gets too hot. We found a couple good buys and scouted out some areas that we'd like to come back to. I especially want to spend more time digging through the antiques (and so-called have to watch for the "made in china" label hidden somewhere). There were tons of genie-like lamps and very ornate bowls, candlesticks, vases, ect. I found a little decorated gold bowl that looked a little banged up (in a good way, like it had a story), but the guy wanted too much for it, so I passed. I will definitely keep looking though!
The rugs here were all machine made, but there were a few that were really pretty (and also some really crazy & tacky ones). I need to go back and shop with someone who has purchased from there before because I don't know what things should cost. Nothing is priced at the Friday Market, you wheel and deal. Still being new at dealing with the currency, I might need a little more information before I tackle a rug buying trip!
The pictures are ones I snapped when I thought no one was looking. The place was very crowded, so it was hard! The enormous stacks of cushions you see in the one picture are for their diwans, which are the men's social room in the house. Women have a room in the house as well, but it is more private than the diwan. The one in our house, a.k.a. the office :), has its own bathroom similiar to the master bedroom and big comfy chairs in it.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh, what fun you will have in these markets! Such an adventure. You are very wise grasshopper, to wait for local advice before offering money for a rug purchase. The runner you purchased is gorgeous. Oh utter fun, fun, fun!