More homes... I love their gates!

Ok, the pictures that I posted yesterday were a little pathetic, I know. So here's some better ones! We got out and walked around a neighborhood.
You'll notice all the cars on the street. This is typical. One of the houses we passed had 7 parking spots outside and all were full. They have really extravagent cars. I see expensive cars like porches and mercedes constantly.
A lot of the time, both the intermediate and extended family will all live in the same mansion. Other times, you'll see two mansions that look really similiar right next to each other (sometimes more than two). Men are able to have multiple wives here, but they can't show favoritism by law, so the two identical houses are more than likely for each of his wives.
The second picture above is a house still under construction. Its going to be HUGE when its finished! All the homes are made of concrete block here. Even the interior walls. The concrete keeps cool in the summer and holds the warmth in the winter.

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  1. Like this walking tour you're taking us on. hugs, mom