The Aquarium

We went to the Aquarium today. They had some neat stuff to see, but overall we weren't too impressed. The Aquarium portion was really small, even though from the outside it looks big! There was an imax that we didn't go to, but it looked like it might be good, so I can't speak for that.
The exhibits they did have though were good. Plus, it opens right to the boardwalk, so we were able to walk there for a little bit. It was actually a little bit chilly here today. Nothing like the snow I hear our friends and relatives are getting, obviously. But it feels in the 60's if the wind is on you. I doubt its below 70 though. It was kind of a hazy and dusty sky today and it reminds me of Lubbock :) I'll have to try to get another skyline image when its clearer out than today.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Ours is over now. The weekend in the Middle east is Friday & Saturday.

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