All Things Wedding!

Our two month anniversary was two days ago :)
We got our wedding pictures back this week! Just in time too! There are a ton, but here are just a few! We had originally planned for the wedding to be in May, but when we found out about our relocation overseas, we had to move the wedding to November. I was worried about all the trees being bare and it not looking good in pictures, but everything turned out beautiful. It was PERFECT.
As far as the move goes, we're officially moved out of our apartment here. We head up to North Carolina tomorrow to further prep for the trip overseas. Our flight departs on the 30th of this month. I'm excited to get there and be done with all the transitioning time. I also can't wait to start taking and posting pictures of our travels!

Thanks to everyone that has been following the blog so far! Its been fun sharing little tidbits of our world with everyone.

Everyone have a good weekend!



  1. Such good memories of a perfect day. Somehow it looks warm in these pictures. But we know differently! Love, love, love you!

  2. Hi, what a beautiful bride, such a handsome groom! Love the pics.

  3. beautiful pictures!!

  4. Anonymous2/12/2010

    Wonderful blog, beautiful pictures! Aunt Kathy