Lazy Saturday

Its been one of those days...

We have plenty of stuff to do, from brushing up on our knowledge of the Middle East, to organizing for the next move pick up, to running errands... but all has been put on hold today :) I sat down at the computer with all intentions of doing something productive, but have found that parusing my favorite blogs and perfecting my own is much more fun.

We had our first move pick up yesterday. Everything went smoothly. My closet is very empty now, and I just keep thinking about the fact that I just sent half my wardrobe across the globe! We have our next two pick ups in 10 days and then will begin step one of our travels, which is heading to North Carolina. There's plenty to do between now and then though, which includes driving across the country to bring my car home to Austin, TX. Look for pictures from our road trip.

The picture above is my cat Olive when she was a kitten. She's 3 years old now and more quirky than ever. She's my constant shadow. I wish I could just put her in my pocket and take her with me overseas!

Anyways.... I hope everyone is having a good weekend! We're off to see a movie!


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  1. Sweet little the picture!